Stay balanced, use SPACEF!T

No time for yourself? What if you could be

  • Stronger with micro-fitness exercices
  • Stretched after long hours at your desk
  • Relaxed with meditation
Use SPACEF!T and choose to stay F!T, Wake Up your Body (Stretch) or be more Relaxed,
in 5 min only, whenever you want!

in the Press


«SPACEF!T seems to be an excellent tool to stay fit in a confined space and I look forward testing it in the Solar Impulse cockpit.»
— Bertrand Piccard, adventurer, mind explorer, aviator, pioneer with the "Solar Impulse" airplane.

«It is much better for the body to exercise 5 to 15 minutes a day, than 1 or 2 hours hard fitness session per week»
— Christine Broers, 30 years experience in Kinesitherapy

«If such an application was available, our hospital will tablets so patients can train at home»
— Artur Fernandez, MD Chief of rheumatology, Sherbrooke Hospital (Canada)

«This application can also be an amazing tool in resuscitation service, and not just re-education»
— Grace Hakizimana, Specialized Geriatric Nurse, Cliniques de l’Europe/Europa Ziekenhuizen (Belgium)